The priority goals for Argul y Cia S.A. are to:

  • Comply with Customer requirements.
  • Meet their needs and expectations.
  • Observe applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

As a result, we have implemented a Quality Management System which supports our commitment to continuous improvement by:

  • Ensuring personnel development through ongoing training in an environment that encourages participation.
  • Technological innovation which anticipates new trends.
  • Permanently providing our Customers with quality products and services.

These items are the cornerstones of our Quality Policy, which is the basis for our growth.

‘Market dynamics encourage us to anticipate new trends and to continually present innovative ideas to our customers, which strengthens our image as a leader in customer service and in the development of Human Resources’

Rafael Argul, CEO, September 2016

Quality System and Inspection Plan:

Our Quality System is encompassed in the Inspection and Test Plan, according to our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).
The general quality control scheme that we implement for manufacturing (injection), is presented below:

In-process control directly on the machine under the responsibility of Production personnel, based on 2 documents:

  1. Self-Control Instructions: QMS document which specifies the product control.
  2. Self-Control Sheet: self-control record document which provides manufactured product traceability (Product, Code, Production Order, Batch, Box No., control result, events, actions, etc).

Process and product audits, carried out by Quality personnel for the purposes of:

  1. a) Measurement and analysis: sampling for:
  • Visual and dimensional control at the start of manufacturing.
  • Regular dimensional control.
  • Trend analysis (process).
  • Creation of Quality protocols / measurement report.
  • Reference sample archive.
    The Quality laboratory has digital instruments and data capture software (SPC-Light) with Statistical Process Control functionality.
  1. b) Production batch release
  • Attribute and variable sampling.
    Specific tests according to customer requirements (e.g. impact, penetration, breakage, etc.).